Big Dumb Monsters Ep. 119 – The Notorious S.A.M. – Trick ‘r Treat

This week Nick and Chris are joined by special guest Ryan J. Murphy, creator of Your Horror Show ( and the voice of its host, Mr. Graves. They talk about Ryan’s podcast and almost discuss the 2007 horror-anthology classic, Trick ‘r Treat!

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 115 – There’s Some Haunts in This House – Thirteen Ghosts

Things take a turn for the spooky this week as Nick and Chris are breaking out the special ghost hunting glasses so they can talk the 2001 haunt-fest Thirteen Ghosts. Starring Tony Shalhoub, Matthew Lillard, and Shannon Elizabeth.

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 94 – Red Scare: Ghosts of Mars

This week Nick and Chris delve into the 2001 sci-fi horror film, “John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars,” a cult classic known for its unique blend of action, horror, and sci-fi elements. From dissecting post-apocalyptic Martian setting, practical effects, to Carpenter’s signature style these two avid monster movie fans provide a fresh, entertaining take and leave no stone unturned.

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 73 – Zombie Real Estate: Land of the Dead

This week Nick and Chris are checking in the with the MASTER of zombie mayhem, George Romero, as they talk his fourth entry in his legendary series of films, 2005’s Land of the Dead!

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 70 – Murder Incorporated: Resident Evil (2002)

Make sure to bring your corpse handling gloves and zombie stomping boots this week as Nick and Chris are joined by Sam Chase, owner as well as all around mastermind of events such as Plattsburgh Comic Con, Mid-Hudson Comic Con, and the upcoming Saratoga Comic Con (November 12-13 at the Saratoga City Center, for tickets go to ), to talk the 2002 zombie, video game flick Resident Evil.

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 53 – War! Good God, Y’all: Godzilla: Final Wars

For our 1 year anniversary we’re going back to where we started, with the KING OF THE MONSTERS as Nick and Chris are heading to the front lines in a massive globe-trotting war between human, aliens, and the kaiju that love them in 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 49 – Blame it on the Reign: Reign of Fire

Things heat up this week and Nick and Chris get all dragon-y as they talk 2002’s Reign of Fire starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey!

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 48 – I Don’t Like the Slugs but the Slugs Like Me: Slither

Things get slimy this week as Nick and Chris talk about the 2006 James Gunn horror, comedy, alien invasion flick Slither, starring Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, and Michael Rooker.

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 45 – Grim Fairy Tale: Pan’s Labrynth

Part 3 of Del Toro Month is upon us and Nick and Chris are getting lost in the dark 2006 fairy tale Pan’s Labyrinth.

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 44 – You Down With BPRD? Yeah You Know Me!: Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Del Toro Month is picking up steam as Nick and Chris dive into 2008’s fantasy, action epic Hellboy II: The Golden Army. We’re only two weeks in and there’s so much more great cinema to follow!

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