Big Dumb Monsters Episode 109 – Escape From Monkey Island – Kong: Skull Island

Our recent tech upgrades come back to bite us in the ass as we have some trouble with the stream and audio on this ep, but Nick and Chris bravely soldier on as they are joined by AJ to talk the 1986 horror-musical Little Shop of Horrors. Starring Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, and a scene stealing Steve Martin

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 92 – Viva la Evolution!!!: Shin Godzilla

It’s time to check back in with the King of All Monsters once again as Nick and Chris are talking the big, green, guys return to form in 2016’s Shin Godzilla! A modern take on a Kaiju classic.

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 71 – American Kaiju, Get Away From Me: Rampage

It’s time for a crossover!!! This week Nick and Chris are joined by Scott and Sean of the Mame Men Podcast (Subscribe on Spotify and follow them on Facebook) to talk the 2018 video game flick Rampage, starring America’s favorite action star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 53 – War! Good God, Y’all: Godzilla: Final Wars

For our 1 year anniversary we’re going back to where we started, with the KING OF THE MONSTERS as Nick and Chris are heading to the front lines in a massive globe-trotting war between human, aliens, and the kaiju that love them in 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 46 – I’m In Love With the Shape of Kaiju: Pacific Rim

Part 4 of Del Toro month is stomping its way out of the ocean this week as Nick and Chris take on the 2013 kaiju vs robots epic Pacific Rim!

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 36 – Born to Raise Shell: Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

This week Nick and Chris are getting back in the Kaiju game as the are joined by Thor Mault of Thor Effect Gaming to talk the 1995 comeback film Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

Big Dumb Monsters Episode 30 – Trans-Continental Kaiju Hustle: Destroy All Monsters!

This week Nick and Chris are joined by comic creator/podcast/musician Douglas Arthur to talk the 1968 Kaiju all-star brawl Destroy All Monsters! A movie which culminates with a spectacular ass-whomping of the so called “king” Ghidorah.

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